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Next week, I will step back into the world of full time employment for the first time since my daughter was born. That was nearly seventeen years ago. I had all kinds of plans to go back sooner, but there … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Week – And How It Got Me Thinking

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know I’ve spent the better part of this week posting acknowledgements and appreciation for the best of my teachers.  And I didn’t even get to all of them. Even the worst of … Continue reading

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Creative Writing in Middle School, Year Two

If you were reading my blog in January, you know that I spent about three weeks co-teaching a creative writing unit with a Language Arts teacher at my son’s middle school.  We had a blast — so much so that we couldn’t wait to … Continue reading

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Creative Writing 101

This month, I am joining a middle school language arts class as “Guest Author” to present a creative writing unit.  I had no idea how much fun this was going to be. These are middle schoolers, after all.  I was … Continue reading

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Working for a Living

In honor of tax day, I am posting about working. These are some jobs I would like to have.  And get paid for.  Because I pretty much already do them, I just don’t get paid. Writing Coach You know how … Continue reading

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