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A Wrinkle In Revising, Or Why I Haven’t Read The New Pages of A Wrinkle In Time

As you know if you’ve hung around here for any length of time, the single most formative book of my youth was Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time.” Originally published in 1962, it is a Newbery Medal winner and a … Continue reading

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Will They Or Won’t They… Or When Will They?

Back to blogging about the work I’m doing on my novel, FINDING KATE, based on some excellent feedback I received from an agent:  this time, the focus is my main character, Kate, and her love interest, Will. If you’re familiar with Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

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Beshrew The Shrew

I was afraid this would happen. Back in the early drafts of “Finding Kate,” Kate’s voice was so loud and clear that she turned people off. She was so mean, so bitter, so nasty, so clearly a shrew that it … Continue reading

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Character, Not Caricature

OK, the first thing you should do is follow the blog tour trail over to Courtney McKinney-Whitaker’s blog and Katharine Owens’ blog to see what they have to say about why they write what they do and how they go about … Continue reading

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Revisions, Revisions, Revisions

For a writer, I don’t blog much about writing. In part, this is because there are so many other writers and agents out there who do a great job of blogging about writing (see, Blogroll, right), and I feel like I’d be duplicating … Continue reading

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Stones In The Stream

I love to sit beside running water:  a river, a stream, a creek. The rushing tumble of sound is somehow thrilling and soothing at the same time. The power of water to shape rock and land is there before your eyes. A river is … Continue reading

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Take Me Back To The Start

As a general rule, I like revising.  I know there a lot of people who hate it, but I prefer playing with the words I’ve already written:  chopping, cutting, moving, shifting, shaking, and pushing them around.  Polishing them until they gleam.  … Continue reading

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Time Management, With A Little Humility Thrown In

The next time I complain about how busy life is from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, just whisper in my ear:  Tax Day to Memorial Day. My kids get out of school just before Memorial Day (I know!  Crazy, right?) so these six weeks are … Continue reading

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