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Sometimes, I Wish…

Sometimes, I wish I could write the kind of bland, unexciting, generic stuff that lines the shelves of libraries and bookstores. Here’s one about the women in a book club, or a knitting club, or a writing group.  Two sisters open … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Thief Series by Megan Whelan Turner

As part of the Light and Round (L&R) Project, I’m going to urge you to read The Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whelan Turner.  In fact, I’m going to insist.  I might even beg. It’s that good. When I decided … Continue reading

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Heathcliff or Rochester?

Continuing on from my “Jane Eyre” post from yesterday, I’m curious what you think about this:  I have a theory that you are either a “Jane” or a “Catherine.”  You adore Heathcliff or you swoon for Rochester.  If you’re a Cathy, Rochester is too … Continue reading

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