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Folding Back to the Beginning

Have you ever made a puff pastry? I did, once, with my dad, a wonderful amateur chef who taught me everything I know about cooking. To make a puff pastry, you start by making this dough, rolling it out very … Continue reading

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Beginnings, Again

Oh no, she’s not really going to complain about beginnings again, is she? Oh yes, she is. Last time, writing FINDING KATE, I stressed about the beginning because Kate is, at the outset, perceived by people as a shrew. She’s abrasive, … Continue reading

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First Chapter – My Nemesis

Why, oh why do you torment me so, first chapter?  First page?  First line? I know you hate me.  That’s okay.  The feeling is mutual. With everything I’ve ever written, the beginning has been the worst, the hardest part, the … Continue reading

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