Working From Home #4… and a sale!

First of all, wanted to let you know that LOVING BEATRICE, the second book in my series “Shakespeare’s Women Speak,” is on sale today 8/23 for $1.99 in all digital formats! Here’s a link to get you started…

In that spirit, today’s home office post is a photo taken in London at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, London
exterior, December 2018

Fun fact: the Shakespeare’s Globe is not the original theatre in which Shakespeare worked. I didn’t know this till I took the tour. It’s actually a replica built in the 1990s after years of fundraising and negotiating for the property. The original Globe Theatre stood a few blocks away and is now only commemorated by a street plaque (sorry, I don’t have a photo). The construction was undertaken with as much accuracy as possible, using traditional materials, and the design is based on drawings of the original Globe and other Elizabethan theaters.

As with my visit to Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-Upon-Avon, my visit to the Globe felt like a pilgrimage. I was deeply moved and tremendously excited. My only disappointment was that, since it was winter, no plays were being performed in the open-air theatre, only indoors in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Due to COVID-19, the Globe has been closed for many months, both for shows and to tours. I was horrified to discover that the Globe receives very little government support; it relies almost entirely on funds from ticket sales and tours to survive. The thought of that beautiful place being closed tore my heart out, and I hope it worries you too. I hope you’ll consider making a donation (as I have done) to keep it open for future visits by theater-lovers and Shakespeare fans alike.

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