Garden Peace

I do not garden.

Much as I love the beauty of a well-tended garden, I avoid working in the garden like, well, like we’re all stuck avoiding each other right now.

Gardening combines almost all of the things I hate most. Dirt. Water. Sweat. Bugs. Pointy things that stab you without warning (if you’ve ever seen a Colorado weed, you know what I’m talking about).

But planting? That I can do once a year, for the same reason I love painting my house. Planting is a chore with a singular focus: get the green thing in the ground.

Of course, before you can get the green thing in the ground, you have to clear the ground first.

To get at the garden box I wanted to use, I had to hack away at two rose bushes (mostly dead branches) from the adjacent box to its south, yank a giant tumbleweed out of the box to the north, move a few pounds of rocks, and then dig up the weeds in the box. If you know Colorado soil, you know that the weeds are not only pointy (see above), but that the earth itself is mainly clay and nearly impossible to dig.

My whole body hurts.

But the English lavender is in the ground (mulch goes on today). I hope it will survive, given that I do not garden.


Meanwhile, a fat, fuzzy bumblebee burbled around, bopping in and out of the myrtle and Spanish broom. Look at that orange butt! 🙂 I hope they will visit my lavender too.


Hope your garden adventures keep you happy and peaceful this spring!


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