It’s a new year…again

Happy 2020!

Or not.

I’m struggling to wrap my head around this.

I’m old enough to remember when the year 2000 was the far-off future. Far enough that Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 novel and the film based on it were science fiction.

And now, here we are, having blown past the far-off future by twenty years.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions because, like most people, I usually fail within a couple of months. But with the holidays behind me and a new semester about to begin, I do feel a surge of new energy and positivity rising, and I want to take advantage of it.


I want to write more, starting here.

More, but less, actually.

I find that when I blog, I start off with a great idea but by the time I get going, I’m writing a paper. Five thousand words, research, footnotes, massive editing… you get the idea. Instead of a fun, informative blog post that starts a conversation, I’ve got something you could hand a teacher and no one on the internet wants to read. I get frustrated, angry, sad. I give up.

And I don’t blog.

Instead, I want to write short stuff. Maybe 500 words. And I want to calendar it so I do it twice a month. The more I do it, the easier it will get. I think.

I’ve got some things to write about this year.

This year, I’ll be reading through Shakespeare’s canon with the Shakespeare 2020 project run by Ian Doescher, the author of the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series. Believe it or not, I haven’t read all the plays. Have you? I’m looking forward to doing it. And if you want to join in, you can access the complete texts online for free through the Folger Shakespeare library.

At CU Boulder, I’m working on a project about design solutions to climate change for the Venice Biennale, so I’ll be traveling to Italy in May. That should be interesting to write about!

I’m also going to use this as the home base for my book reviews, which, in all fairness, I should post on at least four sites (Amazon, BN, BookBub, Goodreads). Book reviews are critical for authors. The more reviews you have, the more attention you get from booksellers. But it’s exhausting to keep writing reviews in all those different places, isn’t it? And then you’ll have those times like in December when I spent a half an hour crafting a perfect review, and Goodreads. Didn’t. Save it.

I haven’t written a review since.

That’s not fair to authors. And I am an author!

I’ve decided I’ll write reviews here so when I do sit down to review books, I can copy, paste, and tweak the reviews on each platform (because if your review is identical on Amazon and Goodreads, they’ll probably remove it – see below).

FYI, Amazon owns Goodreads, if you didn’t know. In addition to changing the wording of your reviews, you should never use your FB account to log into Goodreads. Here’s why. If Amazon/Goodreads sees that you are FB friends with an author — even if you are a bona fide purchaser and have NEVER ACTUALLY MET THAT PERSON — they will probably remove your review. So, if you’re all excited to be FB friends with Famous Author X, be aware that your Amazon and Goodreads reviews may be removed.

So that’s my non-resolution resolution. To be here more.

How are you doing this year?


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