One Week…

There’s a lot going on right now…

In seven days, my book will be out in the world.

I’m setting up my author pages on Goodreads and Amazon — you know, like a real author — and getting posters made to use at my speaking events and reaching out to librarians to ask them to buy my book and to newspapers and magazines to see if they’d like to review it…

All the stuff I always imagined doing, all those years I thought about being a writer.

A published writer.

Tuesday, April 11.

You guys. This is real.

Finding Kate Poster 3.3

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2 Responses to One Week…

  1. jefffrant says:

    Congratulations, Maryanne. The cover is spectacular. I can’t wait to dive inside. As you know, CSF is doing the play based on the play this summer. Nice timing.

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