Writer’s Block? Who, Me?

I’ve always been proud to say I don’t get writer’s block.

Believe me, I have plenty of petty work-avoidance techniques that enable me to say that.

But until recently, I haven’t been writing. At all.

First, there was the craziness of the election in November. Then there was Thanksgiving, and then grading final papers, and the joyful busy-ness of the Solstice holidays. In December, I also had a little scare in which it looked like I might not have a job — or health insurance, since the ACA is being happily gutted by the new administration in Washington — but that was thankfully resolved and I’m back at school.

And, oh yeah, in case you didn’t hear, my book is being published soon! In fact, I’ve got a date:  April 11 for the paperback and April 25 for the digital formats. You can pre-order on March 28, if you feel so inclined (and I hope you do)! The cover art is finished and it’s GORGEOUS and it will be on City Owl’s blog in early February, so I’ll release it here concurrently. Things are getting real, people!

And I’ve been streaming Netflix.

I think the whole “OMG THIS IS REAL” thing is what’s behind the writer’s block. I can’t seem to wrap my head around this. I keep looking at the cover art (and I do so love it, you guys) and looking at the calendar, and April is only three months away. Three months until something I’ve waited my WHOLE LIFE for.

So, yeah, you can maybe understand why I’m a little freaked out.

My friends keep telling me I should have a party for the launch, and I’m thinking, yeah, something with beer and vodka because damn, this is crazy!

The other day I remembered a scene I had wanted to write for this next, neglected book, so I sat down to write. A little every day, I’ve been writing (still taking breaks to check Facebook and stream TV shows… it’s a process), and so far, the scene has turned out to be over 7,000 words. To give you a feel, the last book was about 85,000 words, so this scene is on track to be 1/10 of a novel.

Guess what? It’s not going in the book.

But at least I’m writing.

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