Launch Party For ALL FOUR STARS

I’m going to break — briefly — with my pattern of blogging about the changes I’m planning for Kate in order to share with you a little bit of the fun I had tonight at the celebration for Tara Dairman’s middle-grade debut novel, “All Four Stars”at Boulder Book Store.

Tara is a local Boulder writer and we’ve become friends through the writing community here. We’ve worked together in coffee houses, snarfed ice cream together and shared dinner-and-a-movie-nights debating the various merits of Mr. Darcy and Col. Brandon:  in other words, we are very well suited indeed! I couldn’t be more thrilled to see her reach this point of her publishing journey!

Tara spoke for a while about how she got here:  from the seed of an idea while she was working in Manhattan supervising freelance writers (like her intrepid young restaurant reviewer Gladys Gatsby), to the long years of drafting by hand completed at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro (including taking photographs of the pages in case the manuscript got lost or damaged), to the two years that passed from getting an agent to holding that book in her hands and talking to all of us. She also read an excerpt from Chapter One of her book which made me want to grab it out of her hands and run off into a corner and read more. You know, the way I did when I was a kid.


Treats included desserts from the book itself, including my personal favorite, tree-nut tarts, which are kind of like mini pecan pies but less cloyingly sweet. So yummy! The recipe is on Tara’s website.

Tara signed a copy of her book for me. Here she is contemplating what to say…


… And here we are together afterwards!


It was a great night and I’m really happy for Tara! Congratulations on your debut, Tara!

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