OK! A Giveaway!

So we made it!

Made it through some busy weeks, made it through tax day, and we had a deal.

I said I’d post a blog the week of April 7th — which I did, on the 9th — and have a giveaway after April 15th.

And here we are.

It’s spring. The trees are flowering. There are bunnies hopping everywhere. There’s a container of jelly beans on the table.

I think we can do a couple of giveaways over the next few weeks before school ends. Maybe even three.

Who knows? It might get crazy around here!

Today’s giveaway rests at the intersection of writing and fuzzy critters:  it’s a journal and pen set decorated with adorable foxes.

Seriously. One of these guys is wearing a monocle. What. Is Not. To Love.


...and a beret too! How cool are these foxes?

…and a beret too! How cool are these foxes?

A fox on every page, plus handy-dandy pockets!

A fox on every page, plus handy-dandy pockets!

To enter to win, share your favorite fox story or trivia.

Maybe it’s a scene from “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” (I’ve never seen it), or a great children’s story you love (Beatrix Potter did one, right?).  Maybe you have a real-life fox encounter to share (like the time a red fox ran along the top of my fence to get at a squirrel. I am not kidding!). Or maybe you can explain why the male of “fox” is “fox” but the female is “vixen” (please, somebody, take that on!).

Of course, I’d appreciate it if you’d share the news of this giveaway. The more, the merrier; and the more participants we get for this one, the more excitement we can (hopefully) generate for the book giveaways I’d like to do over the next month. If you comment with the link to your Tweet, blog post, FB share, etc., where you promoted this giveaway, I’ll give you an extra entry (per method) into the giveaway.

Commenting on my Facebook feed or replying to a tweet doesn’t count; you have to comment here in order to be entered in the contest.

Entries close one week from today, at 11:59 MT on April 29, 2014.

OK? Ready, set, go!



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6 Responses to OK! A Giveaway!

  1. Mindunn Rose says:

    Here is my not-so-exciting and very sad fox story, courtesy of my aunt. She had an orange tabby indoor/outdoor cat named Cat. Cat liked to roam the outdoors at night, but he was getting pretty old and couldn’t run, see, or climb as fast as he could when he was a young cat. My aunt also had a fox problem – she had several fox sightings in her back yard and she was nervous as she has a little dog as well as Cat. One night my aunt was sleeping and all of a sudden was awakened by a loud screeching noise outside. She looked but couldn’t see anything. The next morning she saw a few tufts of orange hair in the yard, and Cat never came home again. 😦 And that is the sad story of Cat and the fox.

  2. Mindunn Rose says:

    PS I still think foxes are cute, especially ones wearing monocles.

  3. Chris Fravil says:

    There was that summer in Vermont that a vixen decided to make a den in the overturned kayak next to the garage. She had two kits under there and then we spent the whole summer watching the babies play in the front yard. They were adorable.

    I’ve been quite in love with foxes ever since.

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