My Blogging Blindspot

You know what’s the worst feature of my blog?

The drafts folder.

What happens is, I’ll start writing something and I’ll save it as a draft. Then over the next day or two, I’ll continue writing, editing, revising, polishing, playing with it, and saving it.

But somehow, I never get around to publishing it.

Because there’s a part of me that feels finished. That thinks that I did publish it.

Do you have any idea what’s in my draft folder?

Well, of course not, because I haven’t published any of it yet. But I will. That’s the plan for the next few weeks.

Does anyone else have this habit… er, problem?

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One Response to My Blogging Blindspot

  1. mirkabreen says:

    I deal with this by remembering a deal I made between self and self to not allow myself to start something until I finish what I’ve started. Draconian, but it’s worked for me.

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