What I Learned From Blogging Every Day

Well, I learned that I don’t blog enough.

Seriously. Every day in August, and here it is September 17th and not a peep since Labor Day. What is it with me?

Because the thing I learned from blogging every day is that it’s actually not that hard to do. All I need to do is make a commitment and I can do it.

You let go of perfection (ha!); you let go of the idea that each piece has to be a well-crafted essay all polished and shiny; you let go of length and depth and concentrate on just getting something out there. And it can be fun!

I learned it really helps to have a list of topics to work from so I’m not having to come up with things to write about all by myself. Those suggested topics are also fairly broad, not too controversial, and easy to write about (three things you’ve done/not done on your bucket list… a few favorite books… places you’ve visited…). I need to bear that in mind when I think about the blog, instead of getting all tangled up in my own ideas.

Also, keeping it short is a virtue for a blog. I’m already over 200 words here, and really, what more do I have to say?

In conclusion, then, I’ll say:  sorry for teasing you like that with all that blogging in August and then silence in September. I’m going to find some good prompts to help me keep this going on a more regular basis because I really enjoy it (and I hope you do too). I’m going to rework the balance in my life (again) and make this happen.

Anyone got any good ideas? 😉

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2 Responses to What I Learned From Blogging Every Day

  1. mirkabreen says:

    “All I need to do is make a commitment and I can do it.”

    ^^^True. For just about everything.

  2. mabelgygi says:

    How about some posts about Social Media? Like your feelings about Twitter, Facebook and so on. And maybe posts about newspapers (or the lack thereof) and sources of news these days. (I’m not going to mention The Daily Show, because that’s Entertainment!) How about a post about when is the right time to get your second child a cell phone or a post about Kindle v Nook or about children who get Kindles or Nooks but use them for games? Oh noooooo.

    Just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I won’t claim they fulfill your request for “good” ideas…

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