7 Years Later–And 5 Reasons You Can Be O.K. with That

Love this post about the very, very long road you have to keep pounding along to have a chance of being a published writer. Thanks to EMU’s Debuts for keeping me inspired every day!

EMU's Debuts

It’s no secret that getting that first book published usually takes a lot longer than you think it will.

You were thinking this:


What you really needed was this:


The five or ten year version.

Here are five reasons to be ok with that.

1. You needed to read a million books and write a zillion words and let all that soak into you first. All that soaking took time. And made you a better writer.

2. Think of all the amazing people you’ve gotten to know during all these years you’ve been down there in the trenches together—other writers and illustrators, your writing partner who sees everything when it’s horrible and still believes you’re a writer, your critique group,  your agent who keeps you honest and doesn’t let you send out things that should not be sent out. You have a team. A team is a good thing to…

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