August Blogging Challenge: Day 12 – A Ghost Story

I don’t have a ghost story to tell. I don’t believe in ghosts, although my incredibly active imagination certainly scared the life out of me plenty of times when I was a kid.

The best scary stories are in fiction, my friends. Pick up Stephen King — old Stephen King, circa 1970s:  “The Stand,” “The Shining,” “Salem’s Lot.” Try Libba Bray’s latest, “The Diviners” for a look at jazz-era New York with a demonic twist. Or, read the classic ghost story “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James and ask yourself, “Are the ghosts real?” It should be an easy question, but it isn’t.

Go on. Read it. Then come back and tell me what you think.

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1 Response to August Blogging Challenge: Day 12 – A Ghost Story

  1. yhosby says:

    I haven’t read any of those books, but I’ve seen the movies “The Shining” and “Salem’s Lot.” I believe in ghosts, but that’s probably because I have a idiosyncratic personality.

    Keep smiling,

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