August Blogging Challenge: Day 9 – A Regret

Everybody has regrets. The thing about regrets, though, is that if you went back and fixed them — if you could change something in your past — you wouldn’t be the person you are today with the life you have right now. So I don’t spend a lot of time looking back and regretting the things I didn’t do or should have done or could have done differently.

…anymore. I did when I was younger. You wouldn’t believe the energy I wasted when I was a teenager and into my twenties, reliving in agony all the things I did wrong. I’m glad I’ve let go of that.

But for this blog post, I have to choose a regret, so I’d say the one thing I do regret is all that time I wasted before I had kids. Those evenings and weekend days that I did… what? Watched television? Sat around the house? Hung out with friends and talked about how much we hated work? Slept late? Read books and convinced myself I could do better?  Thought I was sooooooo busy?

I could have written fifteen novels in that time. I could have found an agent and sold my work and I could be sitting on a career as a novelist right now.

Or maybe not.

But I could have tried harder.

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2 Responses to August Blogging Challenge: Day 9 – A Regret

  1. mabelgygi says:

    I think that you didn’t need to ‘do’ anything more when you were younger. You were just ‘being’ you and were relishing in the life you had (however, boring doing the laundry or watching Must-See-TV may have been). What I regret is that I keep forgetting to relish life and have to work at it seemingly every waking minute.

  2. And you need to be kind to yourself, Trudy. ❤

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