August Blogging Challenge: Day 4 – An Embarrassing Moment


The path of my life is littered with embarrassing moments, much like the streets of New York City are marbled with potholes at the end of winter. I find it interesting that I remember the ones from my childhood much more vividly than the ones from adulthood; I can close my eyes and relive them moment by painful moment.

But here’s one from adulthood that I still wince at.

I was at a party meeting someone for the first time. She was a young woman about my age and she was planning her wedding, something I had gone through in the recent past. And there’s nothing a recently married woman likes to do more than share her hard-earned wisdom about what to do when planning a wedding.

Big mistake. Really should have been more careful.

We were talking about bridesmaids’ dresses:  styles, colors, matchy-matchy-ness and things like that. And I ventured my opinion about color and how you didn’t want to go too
“crazy” (or some such phrase) with the color scheme, and I said, “you know, you don’t want to go with, like, GREEN.”

And as I said it, as the words were coming out of my mouth, I wanted to grab them and pull them back because I knew what was coming.

She looked right at me and she said, “My dresses are green.”

I tried to back off: “I mean, lime green, bright green, one of those awful shades that hit you in the eyes…”

I think I fled to the bar pretty soon after that.


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