August Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Forging forward with my daily blogging challenge, here are five things you may not know about me.

1. When I was growing up, I wanted four children. Then I had one baby. Two children is plenty.

2. I went to college intending to major in physical therapy. I was really good at science and had taken a lot of biology classes in high school to prepare. But then I got to college, and there were all of these amazing English and history classes. And the P.T. major only gave me one elective slot per semester. And I was going to have to dissect a cat.

So I majored in history and went to law school instead.

3.  I have read “Beowulf” in the original Anglo-Saxon. Yes, I spent hard-earned money on an entire year of Old English classes in college, with a semester devoted to the first great epic poem of the English language. It is so fun to be able to point out that Grima Wormtongue in “The Lord of the Rings” is a character type pulled from Old English epic poetry (in his case, Unferth in “Beowulf”), plus I get to talk about how much of our language has descended directly from these Anglo-Saxon folk (about 90%) which explains a lot of things. Like Wednesday.

4. I am actually afraid of dogs, even though I love them. When I was a kid, maybe twelve years old, I was walking home from the library on a summer afternoon with my arms full of books (naturally). One of my neighbors a few houses down owned a pair of really nasty dogs, one red and one black. Everyone knew it – in fact, the owner had had to beat the red one off of another neighbor, a grown man, with a snow shovel the previous winter. Normally, they were kept in the fenced in backyard. On this day, for some reason, the red one was out front. All I heard was a whoosh as it raced out from behind a bush and a growl and snap as it attacked my legs. It ripped through my jeans and bit my leg. I kicked at it and rushed away. I made it home before I burst into tears. Luckily, it didn’t chase me. Later, when the police went back to talk to the family for the report, the dog attacked the police officer, and he shot it. No one in the neighborhood outside of that family blamed me although I still feel terrible about it. I wish it had never happened. I have no scar from the bite on my skin, but I am always nervous when dogs come at me. Always. And I hate that.

5. I am terrible at Scrabble. You would think the opposite, because I am really good with words and I have such a large vocabulary. But that’s actually a hindrance when it comes to Scrabble. So many Scrabble words aren’t “real” words, they’re Scrabble words. Qi? Really? When was the last time you used that in a sentence? What does it even mean?That’s a word they let in the Scrabble dictionary because people got tired of losing when they didn’t have a “u.” Plus, I’ll always let a good word or a pretty board get in the way of strategy. There’s nothing I hate more than one of those gridlocked boards with 7,000 three-letter words all mashed up together in the middle. I’ll take the joy of playing a great word just ’cause I love it, and lose to someone who won’t play a fantastic word because it would leave a double-letter-score open to me. I’m hopeless.

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