A Royal Baby

Everyone seems to have an opinion about this royal birth.

Some are jubilant on behalf of the U.K. for this newest link in the chain of connection with the ancient, storied history of their kingdom.

Some grumble about another useless royal mooching off of the taxpayers.

Some fear for the child himself, growing up under the scrutiny of the public, cameras dogging his every step from the very first, forced to smile and behave and perform.

Some wonder what all the fuss is about, when it’s just another baby among the hundreds of thousands born daily into an already overcrowded, overburdened world.

After all, he is just another baby.

That’s the wonderful thing about a royal birth:  it forces us take a moment to acknowledge that, yes, every day, every minute, new lives are arriving here on our planet.

And any one of them — not just the future kings — could change the world.

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