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Every writer has their own creative process – some are organized and methodical, others are haphazard and unpredictable.  Some writers have a certain bravado when it comes to writing – their words flow effortlessly from them.  They exude a devil-may-care attitude – not really bothering to entertain the negative critiques and opinions of their readers.  Then there is the tortured writer – the one who deliberates upon every syllable, sweating the details, and allowing self-doubt to percolate between the lines.  There are hundreds of other hybrid writers, as well.  All unique in their approach and methods.

But, for every species of writer that I have had the pleasure of knowing, there is one common thread that ties them together – the notebook.  No serious writer is without one.

My observation is this – In the beginning, when a writer first decides to put her thoughts and emotions on paper, she will most…

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