This is a wonderful, concise analysis and has great practical advice! Thanks L.B. Schulman and EMU’s Debuts!

EMU's Debuts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how a writer progresses from the beginning stages of a career to ultimately becoming a published author (and beyond.) A few months ago, I attended an SCBWI conference in Asilomar (Monterey, CA, to be specific) and met many writers, most of them pre-published. So many of my writing buddies  seemed to be stuck in a self-proclaimed rut, whether creative-based or psychological.

I thought about the steps that I went through on the very long journey to becoming published. Here is my experience, and what I eventually learned to overcome the obstacles to moving on to the next stage:

Stage 1: As a beginning writer, I started several projects, brimming with confidence in my abilities. Downfall: I didn’t finish any one project. I got to a certain point, then I set aside the project and began working on another idea that “spoke to…

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