I just had to share this heartfelt piece by brilliant debut author J. Anderson Coats, whose already well-reviewed “The Wicked and the Just” will hit bookstores very soon. She speaks from the heart, straight to my heart. Thanks, J!

EMU's Debuts

I didn’t write a word for almost three years.

It happened as a direct result of the single hardest job I’ve ever had in my thirtymumble years on this rock: personal attendant to a small screaming person who required round-the-clock attention and supervision, who cared less than nothing about my mental health or physical well-being.

Three years I walked the floor while the crying seeped into every corner.  Three years I dodged blocks thrown at my head and wiped every surface in my house twice daily.  Three years I barely slept and survived on a steady diet of black coffee and stale Cheerios.

Three thousand miles from anything and anyone familiar, I walked that floor and cried because there was absolutely nothing to be done but read board books and dole out saltines and wait it out, until he became a little person who could be reasoned with.

And I…

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