Save My Place, Will You?

I almost never use a bookmark.

This is due in part to my nearly perfect memory for the written word, so that when I pick the book up again, I can turn to my page based on the muscle memory of how the book felt the last time I held it (how many pages in each hand, how its weight was distributed) plus the memory of what the page I was reading looked like — lots of words or a few, where the paragraph breaks were, how much dialogue, beginning of a chapter, right- or left-hand side…

Yeah, it’s kind of freaky.

The other reason is that, even though I have an assortment of very lovely bookmarks, I never have them handy when I need one. So I grab whatever is close by: an old shopping list, a coupon, a business-reply envelope, those annoying post-card inserts that fall out of magazines…  Frequently, I get my books from the public library and if they have been placed on reserve for me, they come with a little slip of paper inside with my initials and the date of the reservation. Instant bookmark!

I think my favorite substitute bookmark is the thank you note. These little cards are a perfect size, even for paperbacks, and their bright colors make me smile every time I open the book, even before I start reading. Instead of receiving the note, reading it and tossing it — into the recycling, or into a pile of papers never to be looked at again — I tuck it into my latest book, and for the next few weeks or months, I get to think of my friend every time I read. And I read all the time.

What do you use for bookmarks? And please don’t say you turn the book over and crack the spine. I just can’t be your friend if you do that.

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6 Responses to Save My Place, Will You?

  1. ClaireMcA says:

    I collect bookmarks or things that could be bookmarks and leave them in the places that never seem to have a bookmark when I’m looking for one. That said, there is still never a bookmark handy when I need it, so I might rummage through the outside pocket of the handbag (which is a small backpack) and usually end up with a bus ticket, a shopping receipt, the postcard my Aunt included with the book she sent me, the ripped off corner of an envelope (the triangle piece) a piece of scrap paper leftover from the children’s cutting out adventures that never made it to the rubbish bin. I act annoyed if I lose my page, but like you, find it pretty easily.

  2. I love collecting bookmarks from museums and things 🙂

  3. I love beautiful bookmarks, but I rarely use them. Is turning over the corner of the page bad? I do that. I also like my kindle, because it just opens at the last read page. If I’m desperate and I don’t have a bookmark, I simply close the book, put it down, and hope for the best.

  4. yhosby says:

    Most of the time I simply flip the corner of the page down. I have a lot of cool bookmarks that I’ve collected from Waldenbooks, but unfortunately I can’t find them. Which is odd LOL.

    Keep smiling,

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