Heathcliff or Rochester?

Continuing on from my “Jane Eyre” post from yesterday, I’m curious what you think about this:  I have a theory that you are either a “Jane” or a “Catherine.”  You adore Heathcliff or you swoon for Rochester.  If you’re a Cathy, Rochester is too abrupt, too sulky, and too self-involved and Jane is self-sacrificing to the point of masochism.  If you’re a Jane, Cathy and Heathcliff aren’t in love, they’re sick; they just enjoy tormenting each other.   

Either you love “Wuthering Heights” or you love “Jane Eyre.”  I love “Jane Eyre;” I have yet to finish “Wuthering Heights.”  Can’t stand it.  What about you?

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12 Responses to Heathcliff or Rochester?

  1. Suzi McGowen says:

    I’m Jane Eyre, too 🙂

  2. I love both books, actually, although I’m definitely a Jane who prefers her Rochester. I’m glad that Heathcliff and I are separated by 200 years and the world of fiction. I’d have nightmares if he ever existed in real life.

  3. My mother was a Cathy. Maybe that explains a few things…

  4. I shouldn’t admit this but I haven’t read either book. I’ve only seen the movies. That being said, I must be a Jane. Heatcliff was just creepy to the extreme. Yikes! I’d take a brooding Rochester over a crazy Heatcliff anyday!

  5. Julie Daines says:

    I LOVE both books, yes, with all caps! I read them both over and over. What is it about self-destructive behavior that I find so romantic…?

  6. It looks as though my theory may need a little tweaking as I seem to have found a couple of people who love both books. Interesting! I’d love to hear more about what it is about each of the books — character, plot, theme — that draws them.

  7. Chrissy Prisco says:

    i loved both books actually and i’m almost 18

  8. Chrissy Prisco says:

    i honestly don’t think i could choose one over the other…

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